Poser of the Week?

Exalted Grandmaster Asocena, aka Anghel ng Kamatayan

Exalted Grandmaster Asocena, aka Anghel ng Kamatayan

Some skeptical readers e-mailed me and told me they doubted that Exalted Grandmaster Asocena is in a fact a true grandmaster.

Frankly, it should be obvious just from looking at Exalted Grandmaster Asocena’s picture that he is nothing less than the Filipino Angel of Death.

Look at the candy cane stripes, which practically scream, “Death Merchant!”

I am appalled at the lack of gratitude (Come on, where else have you seen the super-secret abaniko sa likod, or “behind the back abaniko”?). I am giving away the most lethal techniques known to man and introducing you to the ultimate grandmasters, people the likes of Inosanto, Cabales, Estalilla, Giron, Bacon, and Pacquiao would not even dream of challenging.

And what thanks do I get? “Hey, that guy looks a big elf with candy canes.” “Is it Sinulog already?” “Wow, he put himself in a hammerlock.” “Posers like this give the FMA a bad name.”

Well, to shut up the critics once and for all, I am offering rock solid, conclusive, incontrovertible evidence that Exalted Grandmaster Asocena rightfully deserves every single hundred dollar bill he earns in DVD sales and seminar fees, in addition to the sale of Filipino gi’s, stripes, patches, and candy cane sticks.

Look at this picture. Not only does Exalted Grandmaster Asocena have a patch, he has multiple patches and stripes.

Exhibit A. Look at the patches. I rest my case.


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