Wing Chun Stewardess?

Yesterday I wrote about stewardesses seeking martial arts training. This is reasonable, because flight attendants are the last line of defense. In the case of the underwear bomber on Christmas Day, if he hadn’t been restrained by passengers and flight attendants he might have blown himself up and killed several hundred passengers on board.

I also asked the question, “What type of hand-to-hand training should stewardesses receive?”

Now is the time for honesty. A lot of people will say, “They should learn Hubu Bubu Eskrima (Which just so happens to be my style, coincidentally.).”

You know that I believe that the big stick is the best weapon. However, we must also consider the environment.

For instance, in rural Portugal, a staff is not only common, but there are open spaces that provide plenty of room to wield a staff. In that setting a staff is the best choice of weapon.

For a lumberjack, training with an axe and kicking with a heavy, spiked boot are both realistic and practical.

For the cramped confines of an airliner, the long stick (36 inches in length) is not the best choice.

For weapons, I lean toward a stun gun, which is portable and can be easily worn on one’s person. The stun gun also will incapacitate without injuring bystanders. My second choice would be a sap or a billy club. The sap would also have the advantage of being easily concealable and carried inconspicuously.

Assortment of Stun Guns. Note the "Stun Club"

What type of martial art should a stewardess be trained in? Here I would argue for building a style from the ground up, considering the special circumstances of an airliner. Space is really tight, so I would place less emphasis on kicks, other than perhaps straight, lowline kicks no higher than the groin.

It seems to me that the style should emphasize the upper body, with straight punches (like Wing Chun), elbows, headbutts, and knees to a lesser extent. The style should also include chokes and arm/wrist/fingerlocks.

An Interesting Combination of Brass Knuckles and a Stun Gun, an Awesome Combination with Straight Punches


4 Responses to “Stewardess-jutsu?”

  1. What about tasers? You can have some distance between you and your attacker. I know you can buy one at they sell to the public. Zena Self Defense also has a rep program where you can host a Zena party at you home and sell tasers, pepper spray, stun guns and much more self and home defense products.

  2. Erik,

    Thanks for sharing. My concern with a taser, a projectile weapon, is the possibility of hitting someone else in the very cramped confines of an airliner.

    The Zena self-defense party sounds interesting. I’ll look into it.

    • Confined spaces are a concern but I would rather be hit by a taser than a bullet. For your interst in a Zena party or if you have your own place of business we have Zena Self Defense Franchise kits that start out for under $500.00. E-mail me for more information

  3. It’s funny… Taser and Blackjack were the two things that came to mind when I read the article.

    Tasers are a great choice. They’re very effective stoppers, and can easily be carried concealed. Somebody above mentioned a concern with missed shots, but the taser is highly unlikely to be fatal if you hit the wrong person, and it won’t punch holes in the fuselage like a regular gun. The non-lethality means that even if the badguy gets his hands on it, there’s not much damage he can do.

    As for the blackjack, it puts tremendous power in a very portable package. It’s easy to conceal, and the short length makes it difficult to disarm.

    I’m not wild about the stun-guns because you have to hold them in place for awhile before the shock really kicks in. A quick zap is not enough. Still, these would be okay on a passenger who was being disruptive, but not violent.

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