Real Life Combat: Stewardess Subdues Doper

Ms. Lorin Gorman, Heroine

A flight attendant, Ms. Lorin Gorman, recently subdued an unruly passenger. See the video here.

The passenger was high on marijuana. He went to the restroom, opened up all of the cabinets. He came out of the lavatory with his pants down and refused to cooperate. The stewardess got him in an armlock, then in a chokehold.

Stewardesses are now requesting training in hand-to-hand combat. This is a long way from the old way of thinking in which citizens were not supposed to do anything other than submit.

We were told, “Don’t arm yourself! You’ll just have your gun taken from you!” We were supposed to leave defending ourselves to the professionals. Hopefully that day is over.

I am not advocating vigilantism. As someone said, “Make us a pack, not a herd.”

As long as the populace is submissive, unarmed, untrained, and ignorant, then a handful of terrorists with weaponry as meager as box cutters can kill thousands. But once the people are armed, trained, informed, and prepared to defend themselves, then we’ll all be safer.

Question: What should stewardesses train in? How would you arm them?


2 Responses to “Real Life Combat: Stewardess Subdues Doper”

  1. Question: What should stewardesses train in? How would you arm them?

    I’d say ‘Kerambit’ or ‘Balisong’:Ballistic, deadly and yet personalized! LOL!

    Kidding aside; the one Ms. Lorin Gorman used would do.


    • Hello Rey,

      Thanks for your comments on my blog. It’s good to know that someone is reading.

      I visited the website you listed. Are you in Panay?


      Darrin Cook

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