Product Review: Stun, Stagger, and Stop

Stun, Stagger, and Stop

Stun, Stagger,and  Stop is a 2 DVD set from Cold Steel. Although I don’t agree with everything Lynn Thompson and Ron Balicki do, overall I think these DVD’s are a must-have for those interested in the long stick.

You can see some of the video here.

My disagreements are that they tend to overuse one-handed techniques, and fail to grasp the essential nature of the long stick as a two-handed weapon. Some of the techniques are too complicated.

But that aside, the instruction is no-nonsense, and designed to handle the types of situations you are likely to face, such as a tackling opponent and a stick-grabbing opponent, and which so many other styles tend to skip over.

In these DVD’s there is little long stick vs. long stick, and a lot of long stick vs. knife, empty hands, the machete, the shovel, and the entrenching tool (mini shovel). This is exactly as your training should be. The attackers are wearing heavy pads, so you get to see the application of overwhelming power. There is even a series of on-the-ground stick grappling.

A lot of the instruction here is hard to find, and the advice is very solid. Lynn has a good grasp of the nitty gritty reality of combat and conveys that well on these DVD’s. Production values are excellent. I highly recommend them.

PS. This is my first product review, and for the record Lynn Thompson has no idea who I am and I stand to gain nothing.


3 Responses to “Product Review: Stun, Stagger, and Stop”

  1. Darrin,

    Thanks for the review of this set. I have been considering it for a while. I will probably order my own set now that you have given it a thumbs up. Incidently, I don’t know if you have viewed Lynn’s knife series, “The Warrior’s Edge” but it is excellent as well. Like you, I don’t agree with everything, but on the main it is solid and far more realistic than most of the so-called knife instruction out there. The other thing I like about them is that they aren’t afraid to spar hard in order to pressure test their system, which to me is the ONLY way to ensure that what you’re doing has any real value.
    BTW, when can we expect a DVD from you regarding the use of the long stick?

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Tommy.

    I’ve seen promotional clips for the knife stuff, and they looked good.

    I’m currently working on a book, and a DVD is the next step.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Great site, thanks for sharing !!

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