I Was Surprised

Check out the video of the “ninja street fight” here. Language warning, and the fight doesn’t actually start until about 1:20.

To show how ignorant people are, there is nothing ninja about the guy’s style. I’m guessing it’s Northern Style kung-fu.

To be honest, when Mr. Kung-fu when into his exotic stance, with the hand-waving and back or cat stances, with cross-stepping, I thought he was toast. I admit I thought the guy was a poser who was about to get his butt handed to him. I was wrong.

In my observations of fights at the high school level, I found invariably that there isĀ  a buildup to a fight, which takes up more than minute in this video.

One thing that concerned me was when the guy in black reached behind him (at about :57). To me, this is a warning that he may be drawing something like a knife or a gun, and I would have charged in at that point. You’ve got to get the gun or knife while he’s trying to draw it, not afterward.

I think kudos must also be given to Mr. Kung-fu for his situational awareness. He is carefully scanning the crowd to make certain that none of Black Shorts’ friends are going to blindside him.

Why Did Mr. Kung-Fu Win, and Win Decisively?

  1. The kung-fu guy has great movement. He moves side-to-side and is very elusive. His opponent is already off-balance and now must lean forward to try to connect. On the other hand, the kung-fu fighter kept his balance.

  2. The kung-fu guy has cover. Combined with his side-to-side movement, he guards his head. You can see his left fist shoot up in a covering/blocking gesture. I don’t think he even got hit once, even though both fighters were throwing flurries of punches.

  3. The kung-fu guy landed a haymaker, which dropped his opponent like a sack of potatoes. Again, if I’m not mistaken, the punch is a hung-gar haymaker (See the pic below.), which is delivered in a wide, looping arc. It appears that the point of contact was actually the guy’s inner forearm, which hit Mr. Black Shorts like an axe handle, and dropped him.

  1. Hung Gar Haymaker


One Response to “I Was Surprised”

  1. hi darrin, the circular punch in kung fu is called a “luk choy” or “pow choy”, depends in the angle of the punch is used.

    i think the most important thing here, is this. you have a guy who is good at ACTING tough, he has the dress, he has the manners, and the talk. when he challenged another guy who is not this way (with the way he dresses talks and acts) he expect his own act to only scare people. he is not really willing to fight. in my years, I am almost never offered to fight, by people who really wanting to fight. when the man in red shit excepted the challenge, the guy was surprise. this is why the fight took so long to happen, and why when it began he was not very aggressive.

    people who know how to fight usually only challenge another fighter in private, if they make a challenge at all. when they do it out in the open, they are only doing it for show. if you empty a glass it will make more noise than when it is full. the man with more skill will speak the less, and the one with the big mouth usually cant fight.

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