Poser of the Week

Hi-Yahh! Go Power Rangers!

The problem here is not this young lady, but the people who are “teaching” her. The whole image of a cute young lady posing with sticks is reminiscent of Jon Benet Ramsey, where parents are marketing their kids for God only knows what reasons.

Realize it or not, we (especially men) are constantly being sold beauty, in the form of waitresses, and bikini-clad girls on lite beer commercials, or news anchors and singers who could be models. Even in the martial arts you can’t get a break. The message seems to be, seeing an attractive woman –regardless of her talent or lack thereof– should be enough

But let’s look at this young  lady’s stance.

What is the purpose of the lead stick? To protect her kneecap?

Where is her offensive capability? The stick held high overhead resembles the La Canne/Vigny styles, and has their problems.

  1. Stress is placed on the arm. The arm is not at rest, which places tension on it. Bruce Lee’s lead elbow rested at his hip to avoid just this type of needless strain.

  2. Offense is too slow. Rather than move in a straight line, the tip of the stick is swung around 360 degrees. No matter how “fast” the stick moves, it is structurally slow.

  3. "What do you mean, I cut my femoral artery?"


2 Responses to “Poser of the Week”

  1. The photos are a clear example of what happens when a martial artist from one style picks up the cool weapon of the day with no formal training and think that their previous black belt qualifes them to use the weapon from another style with any degree of effectiveness. Clearly, from both stance we are dealing with someone from a “form/long range for show style” rather than someone who’s goal is to make their art as combat effective as possible.

    And you are correct about the martial art industry using beauty to sell products and styles.

  2. The composition of the picture is terrible. She’s placed too far back in the picture, and she’s looking at something off to the side that the viewer can’t see. Her face is barely visible.

    I’d guess that the goofy pose was suggested by the hack photographer as well.

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