GM Inting Carin

GM Carin

Credit must be given to GM Inting Carin, who served honorably in the Philippines resistance against the Japanese. He also participated in the Doce Pares vs. Balintawak grudge matches.

If you’re ever tempted to glamorize combat, especially knife fighting, read the following account of a melee in Cebu City Mabolo district, which is not far from the SM Mall.

Way of the Warrior Carin has had to apply his self-defense skills on numerous occasions in day-to-day life. The following incident was documented on the BBC’s “Way of the Warrior” episode on eskrima. While attending a fiesta in the Mabolo district of Cebu, Carin noticed that a friend was being overrun by four men. After noticing one of the men drawing a knife and then preparing to stab his friend from behind, Carin instinctively parried the knife thrust and followed up with a kick to throw the attacker off balance.

Carin’s intervention forced the attackers to concentrate their energy on him. The mass attack was fast and furious; subsequently, Carin did not know how many he was facing. Suddenly, Inting was smashed on the skull with a wooden chair, which sent him to the floor. As he lay on the ground bleeding profusely, one of the attackers sat on top of him and delivered finishing knife thrusts. Carin was stabbed twice in the abdomen and received two extremely deep wounds. He finally disarmed his assailant and countered with a fatal thrust into the armpit of his attacker.”

Regardless of your style or affiliations, GM Carin is a long, long way from the flashy gi and sinawali twirling stylists. He’s a master who has put his butt on the line and seen real combat (particularly really nasty combat) firsthand.

Note the knife scar.


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