The Art of Fighting without Fighting Part II

With W's Security, You Just Might Be Safe at Chuck E. Cheese

The headline says it all, “Four charged after altercation at Chuck E. Cheese vending machine.” If you’ll remember, I warned you earlier about Chuck E. Cheese’s. The smart martial artist avoids places and situations that are trouble.

I had a room mate who was wrestling with many issues. When he drank, these issues often erupted violently. This was apparent the time he shoved his own friend into a wall (sheet rock walls are very flimsy), leaving an indention the size of the poor guy’s body, like a cartoon character running through a fence. At that point it became clear that it wasn’t a good idea to get together with my room mate for a couple of drinks. Problem avoided.

A friend of mine is a ship captain in his late 50’s. He was in a bar in Australia when a young and very attractive woman approached him. She asked, “Are you an American?”

“Yes,” he replied. “And this is my friend Steve from New Zealand and my friend Mark from England.”

She seemed taken aback by his response. She continued talking to him, chatting in a very friendly way, and she suggested that they go to another place.

How many guys would have jumped at this chance? But something about her didn’t seem right. She was just a little too young and a little too good looking to be interested in him. My friend politely declined. He explained he was going to stay with his friends.

Later the other Australians in the bar came up to my friend and apologized. “It’s just not right.” They admitted they weren’t very fond of Americans, but it was unfair and wrong for that girl –the same one who had approached my friend—to lure another American out of the bar, where several of her male friends jumped him.

Australian Brawl

Maybe my friend could have got the best of several opponents. Maybe you as a trained martial artist could have prevailed. Maybe my friend would have lost a tooth, or never have seen the knife he caught in the back. By listening to his gut, he did the smart thing and won by avoiding the fight –a fight that was stacked him.

Hmm. Is that sword longer than a rattan stick?


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