A Pistol Bayonet?

I found this the other day. Would it be useful for a home defense weapon?


2 Responses to “A Pistol Bayonet?”

  1. Useful? I think not.

    A small blade like that is unlikely to do much damage when awkwardly placed on a pistol. And trying to stab the badguy with it is a good way to get your gun taken from you. No thanks.

    A tactical flashlight is FAR more practical. Those lights are powerful enough to impair your vision in daylight, and at nightime they can completely blind your opponent.

    Better to carry a knife on your belt than your pistol.

  2. Late to the party but http://www.deactivated-guns.co.uk/deactivated-guns/allied-deactivated-guns/deactivated-wwi-webley-mkvi-with-bayonet/prod_707.html

    Commonly used by British Officers in trench warfare in the Frst Wold War. It got a bit close in the Trenches.

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