What Technique Would You Do If You Were Unconscious?

Perhaps you’ve seen the video of the boxer who gets knocked unconscious and is still throwing punches (See it here.). If you were knocked unconscious, what technique is so ingrained that you would you be throwing it out of a reflexive nervous spasm from the most primitive part of your brain? If you were Thai, you’d be throwing knees.

I think the knee should be your go-to technique. If you have to drop someone, like a drugged up ex-con, your best bet is the knee.

And it’s not enough to have intellectual knowledge of knee strikes. This is why I get so tired of the “it’s in the system” crap. Show a Shotokan stylist an tiger claw and he’ll say, “Yes, we have tiger claws in the system.” Show a tae kwon do stylist a fireman’s carry and he’ll say, “We have that, too.” Show a serrada stylist a staff technique and he’ll say, “Yeah, I remember Angel doing that back in ’76.” And I’m not picking on these styles –everybody does it.

Another pet peeve of mine is “bunkai,” which means you could take a technique from the heian kata and “see” how it was meant to show how to pilot an F-15 Eagle.

Motion Capture reveals the stunning impact of the Muay Thai knee strike in National Geographic Channel's "Fight Science." The damage is equivalent to a 35 mile-per-hour car crash on the independent layers of bones, muscles and nerves.

When I was in kenpo there were knee strikes “in the system,” but they were not so embedded in my nervous system that I would have done them in a coma. And it takes that level of –not knowledge– but having something so ingrained that the technique works itself. That may be all that stands between you and death if you’ve been shot, stabbed, cut and are bleeding out, hit in the head with a pipe and fading out, etc.

One of the best fights I ever saw took place between a Thai and a Westerner fighting Thai style. The Westerner had better hands and had hurt the Thai badly. The Thai was out of it, struggling to stay on his feet and remain in the fight. It looked like the fight was over, and the Thai was toast.

But then the Thai went on autopilot. Hardly knowing where he was, he began launching knee after knee. He waded through punches, with the reptilian part of his brain knowing just one thing, …knee, knee, knee…The Thai was running out of gas, running on fumes, with his head reeling, but he kept throwing the knees, and eventually took out his opponent!

I suggest you make the knee a mainstay of your empty hand practice, especially if you do the stick. As the stick occupies the opponent’s upper body, he leaves an opening for the knee. If you fight long range (and you should) the opponent who bursts in, or the opponent who grabs your stick, ought to catch a knee, which can drop him like a sack of potatoes.

Just make certain you’ve practiced it enough that if the lights are going out, your last gasp is a knee shot that just might save your butt.


2 Responses to “What Technique Would You Do If You Were Unconscious?”

  1. I also trained with Khru Metayo in Fresno and what I always liked about Muay Thai was the simplicity. We practiced the same few strikes in numerous combinations, over and over again. Eventually a few “money” shots become second nature which IMHO is far better than a thousand techniques that cannot be accessed in a real time adrenal stress situation. Great story BTW! Too bad you’re not still in Fresno, I could sure stand to train with some like-minded people! All the best.

  2. You know, I gotta tell you, I genuinely savor this blog and the informative insight. I find it to be refreshful and quite educational. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyhow, I finally decided to write a comment on What Technique Would You Do If You Were Unconscious? Big Stick Combat Blog – I just wanna say that you did a great job on this. Cheers mate!

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