Rabbit Knees and Hockey

The Flying Knee Gets All the Press

The flying knee of Muay Thai gets a lot of attention, but a lesser known technique is the “kao kratai,” or “rabbit knee.” In this technique the fighter knees the opponent in the inner or outer thigh. It can be used in a clinch, but can be launched from a greater distance.

One can see the knee-to-to-the-thigh strike used commonly in hockey. You can see the video here. Admittedly, the hockey strike is delivered while moving on skates at a pretty good clip, but the knee strike can be devastating. A knee-to-thigh strike delivered by Ulf Samuelsson (regarded as one of the dirtiest hockey players ever) ended the career of Bruin star Cam Neely.

In the Tony Jaa movies you can see him counter kicks with knee strikes to the inner thigh.

Hard to see, the knee on thigh in hockey action.

I hope this reinforces the idea that you can learn from unexpected sources. You can learn from football players, hockey coaches, dancers, cops, fencers, etc.


2 Responses to “Rabbit Knees and Hockey”

  1. Great point regarding low knees. Low-line attacks in general, coupled with high-line use of the stick or blade are a very good combination. I just stumbles across your blog yesterday, very, very, good stuff here from what I have seen thus far. I am looking forward to reading more. Howl of Respect!

  2. Thanks, Tommy.

    I appreciate and welcome your feedback.

    And spread the word!

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