Loser of the Week: The Duct Tape Robber

The Duct Tape Robber

No, that’s not a typo. Rather than “Poser of the Week,” I have “Loser of the Week.”

Casey Kazee decided to rob a liquor store, but he needed a mask. So he wrapped his head in duct tape. He entered Shamrock Liquors and threatened to harm a female clerk if she didn’t give him money. Kazee left the store with a couple of rolls of coins.

Another employee, a former bouncer and security guard, tackled the duct tape masked robber, sending quarters flying all over the parking lot. The employee punched Kazee in the groin several times, aided by another liquor store customer and still more customers from a nearby Foodland. If Kazee had escaped that group, he would have confronted the store manager, who had armed himself with “an old-fashioned wooden bludgeon with its handle wrapped in — ironically enough — duct tape.”

Once arrested, Kazee denied being the duct tape robber, even though police removed the tape and took before and after photos!

Notice, though, that when the public is armed and empowered, that criminals don’t stand a chance. I believe that we as martial artists should be the vanguard of an armed populace ready to defend society.

Another lesson is that combined grappling and striking skills provide a non-lethal option. What would an employee with a folding knife have done?

Also note that the store manager armed himself with a club, not a stick. If the robber had not been so comical and so slow-witted, but had been armed and vicious, a club would have been a better choice to drop a hardened thug when it comes down to do-or-die.

Lastly, only in the movies or comic books can you find the fantasy of a “criminal genius.” The real world has a severe shortage of Lex Luthors. In reality, there is a very strong link between criminality and stupidity.


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