Poser of the Week

Candy Cane of Death

Supreme Tahong Fred Deutschenschlorfer announces an upcoming seminar in Hershey, Pennsylvania on the lethal art of Barquillo ng Kamatayan (Candy Cane of Death).

In a recent interview, Supreme Tahong Deutschenschlorfer pointed out that if he is attacked by a diabetic, repeated strikes to the mouth with the malaking barquillo (“big candy cane” in Tagalog) can cause his opponent to lapse into a diabetic coma.

The art originated with Filipino elves at the North Pole, who trained with readily available candy canes. Supreme Tahong Deutschenschlorfer’s uniform represents Santa Claus.

In his seminar, Supreme Tahong Deutschenschlorfer will also teach medyas at baga, a traditional arctic weapon featuring a lump of coal in a sock.


4 Responses to “Poser of the Week”

  1. Filipino Elves!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. […] of the Week Man, I can’t believe I am giving this stuff away. If you thought Supreme Tahong Deutschenschlorfer was deadly, he’s got nothing on Ultimate Exalted Grandmaster […]

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  4. ahh…”tahong” is mussles in tagalog if it serves me right….so for someone to call himself “supreme tahong” so he’s the boss of all the mussels…HAHAHA nice one.

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