Real Life Combat: Fight at the Stadium

What Happened

A female teacher (a co-worker of mine) was working at the snack stand at the high school football stadium during a Friday night game. A female student, who was loud and obviously drunk, began to start a fight against another girl.

The confrontation escalated, with increased shouting and pushing. The teacher became alarmed because the two girls were in danger of knocking over the large coffee maker, with the potential of scalding bystanders around the concession stand.

My co-worker remembered a veteran teacher telling her that knowing a chokehold was a good idea for an educator. The drunk girl was flailing wildly and in danger of hitting bystanders and knocking over the coffee pot, so the teacher got the girl in a choke hold.

While she doesn’t remember the exact technique she used, she described it to me as a supported choke, with one arm bracing the other and putting pressure on the side of her neck.

The struggling drunk teenager went limp in the teacher’s arms. The delinquent soon recovered though, as her sister yelled, “We got to get outta here before your p.o. (probation officer) finds out.” The sisters left the stadium.

It's important to break the opponent's balance.

Lessons Learned

  1. Know a Choke. I’m repeating myself here, but it’s a good skill to have.
  2. It Doesn’t Have to Be that Hard. What is amazing is that this teacher was able to successfully apply a chokehold after being told how to do it. I’m all in favor of training regularly, but simpler is better. While the teacher was able to apply a chokehold, would an armlock or a complicated series of moves have worked? I doubt it.

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