Real Life Combat:Psycho Attacks Doctor

What Went Down

In the March ’09 issue of Combat Handguns, a doctor specializing in pain medicine tells of his nightmarish encounter with an addicted, mentally unstable patient who began stalking the doctor after he refused to prescribe drugs to the addict. The unhinged patient had sent threatening, semi-coherent letters to the doctor.

One day the addict showed up in the doctor’s office, in an angry and confrontational mood. He thrust one of his rambling screeds to the nurse, while loudly warning that he was at the “breaking point.” The doctor and his staff were safe behind a locked door. The police had been called and were on their way.

Then the doctor saw a young woman in the waiting area. Fearing for her safety, he decided to go out and talk to the agitated addict.

Without warning the psycho clawed at the doctor, ripping his shirt and scratching his chest. The crazed man then drew back his cane with both hands like a baseball batter, and swung at the doctor’s head.

The doctor caught the cane with his right hand, just inches from his temple.

Successful defense, right? Not quite.

The psycho then yanked on the cane, and the doctor heard a sickening sound like a turkey leg being torn from the carcass. His rotator cuff had been damaged, and he will live for the rest of his life with the effects of the injury.

The doctor quickly retreated to his office, where he got a pistol. He could hardly chamber it because of the agonizing pain in his arm. Once the addict saw the gun, he fled.

Lessons Learned

  1. Unfortunately for the doctor, the psycho made a couple of good decisions. He used a long stick –even though it would have been worse if he had used a heavier stick. Most walking canes are too light.
  2. The psycho wielded the cane with both hands. If he had used one hand, he wouldn’t have hit as hard. Also, because he had two hands on the stick he was able to counter the doctor’s hold on his cane, with disastrous consequences for the doctor.
  3. Just because you grab an attacker’s stick, or he grabs yours, the fight is not over. You can and should learn how to counter a grabbing opponent.
  4. The psycho did not know how to strike. With a heavier stick and proper power strikes, the psycho would have crushed the doctor.
  5. If you have a gun, have it with you. The doctor should have had the gun discreetly hidden. He also should have maintained distance. In combat, distance gives you enough critical time to detect and respond to an attack.

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