An Unlikely Weapon

I found an ice scraper and brush on sale today at Wal-Mart for just 5 bucks. It’s 35 inches long, and light, but it seems sturdy.

So it’s going into my car. No, I’m not going to use this in a challenge death match, but it just might come in handy if I have to grab a weapon, or happen to be put on the spot while I’m scraping the ice and snow from my car. No doubt it’s an emergency weapon.

If this sounds far-fetched, I went out to my car one morning and was just inside when I heard a snarling, barking dog behind me. The neighbors have a big, aggressive dog that gets out from time to time. And if I’m surprised some morning while I’m clearing my windshield, it’ll be good to have this.

I think this is a valuable exercise for the martial artist. It’s a little mind exercise: What impromptu weapons are around me? How can I add to my arsenal of impromptu weapons?

When I buy a flashlight, I’m looking for one I can use as a weapon.

When I lived in California I taught at a rough school. Keep in mind the next time you read the sob headline Police Officer Shoots 16 Year Old Boy, that “boy” may be 6 feet tall, weigh 185 pounds, and be a hardcore tattooed gang member. These “students” don’t have to beat up teachers to get their way –just intimidate them.

So I bought a heavy stainless steel pair of scissors. They were more expensive than the typical scissors, but if I had to use them as a weapon they would do the job.

It is my belief that most impromptu weapons are best wielded with big stick techniques, and this snow scraper is no exception. It’s too long for effective abaniko techniques, and the brush at the end makes it less aerodynamic. One hand is not enough to get it moving fast enough because of drag from the brush end.

Two hands are not only necessary to get maximum speed from strikes, but also to get full power from thrusts, especially with a weapon you feel might fold up on you, like an umbrella.

The ice scraper end would make for a nasty slicing butt end strike.


One Response to “An Unlikely Weapon”

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