What Went Down

On Thanksgiving Day a drunk man went over to a neighbor’s house and brandished a knife. He cut the clothes of several at the house before one man grabbed a two foot long plastic candy cane lawn ornament and beat back the knife wielding man! The drunk with the knife was soon arrested by police.

Lessons Learned

1. There’s always a weapon available. A plastic candy cane ornament is probably the last weapon you would ever think of, but it worked.

2. Be Smart: Use a Weapon. The man who grabbed the plastic candy cane was smart –Don’t try to take on a man with a knife bare-handed. Even if it’s a two-foot candy cane, get something.

3. Skills with exotic martial arts weapons are not as important as the ability to pick up anything and defend yourself with it. No one is going to teach “CandyCane Jutsu.” What counts is the ability to apply stick or knife techniques to whatever is available.

4. With a light, flimsy weapon, keep your distance and use thrusts. I don’t know what technique the defender used in the story, but the best strategy –especially against a knife– is to maintain distance. Hit at the weapon hand, the groin, the eyes, and keep mobile. If he rushes in, your strongest techniques are thrusts to the eyes and throat. If he grabs the weapon, push the weapon into him to off-balance him and kick to his legs. Weapons in this category (i.e. light/flimsy) are rolled up magazines and newspapers, umbrellas, a car antenna, and so on.



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